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Amneris Fernandez

The Online Gallery for Stunning Art

Amneris Fernandez Art is offering his stunning paintings of artic life with his magnificent wolves and splendid bears. His rendition of wolves and bears, horses, elephants, bulls, owls, wild cats, people mingling with the wild life, landscapes and abstracts are just masterful. Take a look at the latest additions to his collection.

In addition to his powerful original paintings, you have the possibility to possess a reproduction of Amneris Fernandez’s famous paintings.

Giclee print styles have been around for decades and are an affordable solution. Every time someone comes across a giclee print hanging on a wall, it is always that same expression of captivation and joy we see.

Original vibrant paintings can be the centerpiece of a room, be the piece that ties a room together, or add a touch of class, elegance, and beauty to your home.

Giclee prints are always modern-looking but have an endless variety of options. That also makes them unique in their versatility, in addition to being an affordable art option. You will enjoy contemplating these beauties on your wall.

            Giclees Reproductions

    The highest quality giclees available in different sizes

         Size             Stretched                    Rolled     
       16x20               $ 200.                       $ 150.
       16x24               $ 200.                       $ 150.
       18x24               $ 250.                       $ 200.
       20x24               $ 300.                       $ 250.
       24x30               $ 350.                       $ 300.
       24x36               $ 400.                       $ 350.
       30x40               $ 500.                       $ 400.

Achieve your art dream at a fraction of the cost of the original!

What is a Giclée?

A giclée is art reproduced in high definition by inkjet printer on canvas or paper. Our giclées are made with the quality materials made to last: pigmented inks, museum quality frames and superior varnish that won’t fade or yellow. Canvas is gloss poly-cotton, 350 gm weight, PH neutral. The archival quality, water based inks and canvas surface yields the maximum color saturation and longevity.
Stretched Canvas: Gallery Style stretcher frame and 1.5 inches deep.

Rolled Canvas: have a 3” Border, so they can be wrapped around a deeper frame.

They are offered in Satin or Glossy

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